Recent Anthologies:

My work is featured in these recent anthologies: Ariel: Discovery (2020); Through This Door (2020); Sheltering with Poems (2021); Lullabies and Confessions:Poetic Explorations of Parenting Across the Lifespan (2021). Forthcoming in 2023, Between Paradise & Earth: Eve Poems (Orison Books)

  • How else but through poetry will future generations know the “history of the human heart” (as poet Billy Collins defines poetry). Someday some young person will ask you, “what was it like to live through the COVID pandemic” and you can hand them this book, Sheltering with Poems. Albert DeGenova in Door County Pulse
This Just In
Canoeing a River with No Name:

"Follow poet Hess on this riverine journey of thoughtful, nuanced poems. Hess' unique voice can come across as almost matter-of-fact, yet  there are depths to her poetry that belie this seemingly straightforward tone. Rocks and rapids lie just underneath the gentle current and surprises wait around the next bend."  -- Bent Paddle Press

  • "The themes of time and journey are woven together in complex ways that repay rereading. Though canoeing is its metaphor, essentially the book is about survival, affirmation, and love." Portage Magazine, 2019


O Is for Owl:

Paper: $15.00  62 pages

Publisher:  Borderland Books   (March 2018)

ISBN:  978-0-9965052-9-1



  • "In this small, even intimate collection, Ronnie Hess has written a series of love poems about – owls. From “First Owl,” to the last poem in the book, “Married to an Owl,” Hess describes, sometimes humorously, her growing awareness of these birds, her infatuation with them, and the lessons she ultimately takes away from them." -- Borderland Books
Whole Cloth: A Poem Cycle
  • "The suspense of a mystery novel with the excitement of a travel adventure." –Alice D'Alessio
  • "Hess's language is low-key and conversational, and she keeps herself in the poems as well. We see the researcher/poet searching, recovering a signature, dreaming secret lives for these characters, and finally, writing their stories." -- Sarah Busse


A Woman in Vegetable:
  • "What pleasure to return to the first poem of this collection. It still startles me, when I am reading through a pile of submissions and I come to one where the poet has real control of her line...Too many poems to mention here, that caused me to sing their praises aloud.” Sammy Greenspan, Kattywompus Press


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Ribbon of Sand:
  • "There is a wonderful sense of place and time in [these] poems....summers become a reoccurring adventure describing the day to day excitement and uncertainty of childhood….I admire the look of the book itself. The vintage postcard image on the cover and the warm sepia tone of the paper give the book a feel of memory and time glimpsed through a small window, captured thoughts, and moments in the fleetness of life." Jeffrey Johannes, Wild Whoop Press